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Introducing DigiTecNotes. Your new best friend.

Now you can fix some of the most common problems with mammography systems, or perform routine calibrations on them yourself. DigiTecNotes are easy-to-follow computer modules that use a combination of photography, video, narration, on-screen text, and graphics to guide you along.

Each DigiTecNote takes you through the process at hand step by step, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, what should happen, and when. With DigiTecNotes, you can:

  • Save money on service calls.
  • Decrease machine down time by quickly fixing it yourself.
  • Educate your entire staff on how to properly perform common procedures.
  • Refresh your knowledge anytime you want.
  • Rest assured you're performing repairs correctly.

>> Click here to watch a preview of DigiTecNote 4001, Lorad MIV Compression Force Calibration.

>> Click here to order your own DigiTecNote.

Other available DigiTecNotes

  • Lorad MIV Compression Thickness Display Calibration

DigiTecNotes coming soon

  • GE DMR tube installation
  • GE DMR phototiming thickness tracking adjust
  • GE DMR phototiming background adjust
  • Lorad MIV phototiming adjustment
  • Lorad MIV tube installation