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Digitec is your lifeline.

Whether we come to you or support you remotely, Digitec service engineers fix it fast, and fix it right.

Your place...

We pride ourselves on having everything we need to fix your problem when we get there because we know exactly what it will take to do so. In fact, our field engineers stock so many parts in their cars, they call the trunk their toolbox.

...or ours.

Our facility has over 30 testing bays, each with a working machine and a telephone. When you call us with a problem, our engineer goes to the test bay containing the same machine you have, picks up the phone, and looks at exactly what you're looking at. The result is more efficient problem-solving and less down time.

Service to the second power

At Digitec, every service engineer is both teacher and student. If you happen to excel at troubleshooting flashers, guess what? You're demonstrating it for everyone else next Tuesday afternoon at 3:00. By sharing knowledge through cross-training and in-house seminars, our entire staff becomes smarter and we become an even more valuable resource to customers.

Relax. It's only ACR.

Our field engineers are well-versed in the regulations set forth by ACR [American College of Radiology] and MQSA [Mammography Quality Standards Act]. We've helped customers through the accreditation process countless times, and know what needs to be done to ensure your system meets the requirements.

Physicist's inspection

Digitec doesn't consider your installation complete until your system passes the crucial physicist's inspection. And we guarantee that it will. That's why we tell customers to schedule the physicist for the last day of installation. That way, if anything holds up a passing grade, we can fix it on the spot.

Cost savings

Digitec is independently owned. Translation: You save money.

  • We have less overhead, so you'll save on hourly rates compared to the OEMs, and we won't burden you with excessive minimum hourly charges.
  • We have less bureaucracy, so you'll also save on travel time charges.
  • We're flexible, so we can write a customized service contract, or bill based on time and materials.

Can I borrow a bucky?

Of course you can. If our famously fast turnaround time still isn't fast enough for your needs, just let us know and we'll send out a loaner part. Buckys, boards, flashers...what's ours is yours. Until yours becomes yours again.

We're here and here and here and here to help.

It's easy to get the free tech support you need. Pick the method that works best for you.

  • Call 1.800.DIGITEC to talk live with an engineer
  • Ask Engineering
  • Email us
  • IM us on Yahoo at digitec_medical
  • Take a picture of the problem and send it to us via email or regular mail