When you need a part, two questions come to mind: Is it in stock? and How much does it cost? The answers are important, but with Digitec there's a lot more to buckys and circuit boards than that. Our superior approach to filling parts orders addresses three critical areas:

Quality Control

  • We test every part before we ship it, and record the results on a QC form.
  • Two sets of eyes look at every part and sign off that it works perfectly: a technician and a QC Engineer.
  • Every technician participates in our daily Quality Control meeting to discuss all parts shipped. By sharing obstacles and solutions with each other, and with support personnel, our knowledge pool gets that much deeper. It's why we can say "Expertise always in stock."

Shipping Methods

  • We ship parts in custom, electrostatic-proof bags. You'll never find old, wadded-up newspaper or common garbage bags in one of our boxes.
  • Image quality proving films and/or documentation ship with every part.
  • Special suspension packaging suspends your part in the air space between two layers of highly resilient, low-slip film to ensure it arrives in top condition. No wonder our DOA rate is less than 1%, five times lower than is typical.


  • We'll send you a series of emails to confirm your order, let you know when it's been packed, and notify you when it gets shipped. No other mammography service company does this.
  • Every Digitec part carries a 6 month warranty, longer than any other company.

DigiKits – true heroes.

Got a specific problem? We know exactly what to put together and send your way so you can fix it. Some call these hero kits, but a DigiKit is better because our decades of experience means you'll get the right parts to begin with - maybe even one or two you didn't know you needed. What's more, we'll tell you how to use them.

Customized DigiKits are available to help you fix problems, perform maintenance, and keep your system up and running, no matter what system you have. Click here to request one. We'll ship it right away.

Our parts truly set us apart.

Digitec has a history of developing new components and techniques that help customers get the most ROI from their machines while ensuring they maintain FDA compliance. The U.S. Patent Office has awarded this innovation with a patent for the Mammo-graph breast image overlay, which also received FDA 510(k) approval.

If you have a problem that seems insurmountable, call us. We can help.