What makes your parts-buying process so different?

Basically, when you call other companies you have to tell them what part you want. When you call Digitec with a problem, we'll tell you what part you need.

What Quality Control measures do you take?

To keep our DOA rate under 1%, no part is ever shipped until we test it, and both the technician and the QC Engineer have verified that it works perfectly. Once they have both signed the QC form and the image quality proving films and/or documentation are in the box, we pack the part in specially designed packaging that suspends it in the air space between two layers of highly resilient, low-slip film. This ensures it arrives in top condition.

What happens after I order a part?

We'll follow up with an email to you, confirming the order. We'll also send you an email when your order has been packaged, and another one letting you know when it's been shipped out. This way, you'll always know the status of your order. No other mammography service company does this.

What is a DigiKit?

A DigiKit is a group of parts and components put together to address a specific problem you're having with a machine. The exact contents of DigiKits can vary, but what stays constant is that we know exactly what to put in your particular DigiKit so you can fix what's wrong. Some call these hero kits, but a DigiKit is better because not only will you get the right parts to begin with, but it will likely include a couple you didn't even know you needed. And, of course, we'll tell you how to use them.

What are DigiTecNotes?

DigiTecNotes are easy-to-follow computer modules that show you how to fix some of the most common problems with mammography systems, and how to perform routine calibrations yourself. Each one takes you through the process using a combination of photography, video, narration, on-screen text, and graphics. DigiTecNotes save you money and time, decrease machine down time, and support education efforts within your organization. Click here to learn more, to view a DigiTecNote, or to place an order.

Why do your service engineers call their trunk a toolbox?

When a Digitec engineer makes a service call, he will have whatever he needs to fix your machine. To be as prepared as our standards dictate, this means our engineers store lots of parts in the trunk of their car. Hence, it becomes a toolbox.

How long is the Digitec warranty?

Ninety (90) days for all parts, which is longer than any other company. Machine guarantees vary; most are for one (1) year.

What makes Digitec training better than others?

We take a highly practical approach to training, and conduct classes from a service person's point of view. Instead of studying schematics, we give students a hands-on education they can draw upon when they're working in the field. With over two decades of focused, mammography experience to draw from, we've seen it all. We know what breaks. And we show students how to fix it. We conduct week-long classes in our facilities, or we can come to you. We'll even bring our own machine, if desired. Click here for a list of training we've conducted around the country.